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Friday, April 18, 2014

Ashwin Potter and the Chambers of Secret

Ashwan - "aaj kal MHADA bhi same aaise flat deta hai, 1BHK,11k rent, malad me... Pehle wo lene wale the"

Shishir - "wo le lete hai, saving bhi hogi"

Ashwin - "matlab dekh... Washroom.... Bathroom and bahar WC bhi laga hua alag se"

Shishir - "Bahar??? Kis k bahar"

Ashwin - "washroom k bahar"

(i gave a weird look.... Realized and started laughing)

Ashwin - "kyaaaaa.. sacchi me 11k rent"

Shishir - "what is WC"

Ashwin - "washing chamber"

Shishir - "western commode"

Ashwin - "kab se use kar raha hu... Kisi ne nahi toka"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Indian Made Scottish Liquor

Drunk friend : "यार अपन इंडिया में scotch की factory लगाते है"

Me : "Scotch is made in Scotland, every drop"

Him :" तभी तो awesum Idea है, indian scotch"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bloddy Cocktail of Andheri nagari

Went to a pub called Alfredo's in Andheri with friends.

Me (thinking) - I shall order Bloddy Marry, my fav, and there can be nothing wrong with it, last experiences with long Island tea were horrible.

Me - "boss get me a bloddy marry"

(waiter went and came back with a question mark)

Waiter - "sir wo bloody marry mocktail laau k cocktail"

Me - "nevermind"

Haunted Spirits from Long Island

Went to Balsamand, Jodhpur with a friend

She - "Long Island Tea"

Me - "Me too"

(ordered, and waiter came back with two god knows what, something with coke and assorted alcohol, first gulp proved to be hideous)

Me - "what is this"

Waiter - "long island tea, as you ordered"

Me - "no this ain't"

Waiter (holding menu card) - "see sir its prepared as written, 'cola, sprite' and ye bracket me vodka, gin wagahra hai wo, sprite thi nahi to coke he daal diya"

Me - "Sprite???????? (i spelled out) S P I R I T S"

Waiter - "yes, thi nahi, sorry sir, naya join hua hu, per cola daal di na us ki jagah"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Synopsis of Sisyphus Syndrome

Picture Sisyphus happy, will you? You cant.
    Let me tell you a story, their was a man named Mahatma Gandhi, he was born,  and was shot dead by some random punk. Now, do you have respect for this man? No, not the killer, I am here talking about the man labeled as Mahatma; I guess no. Why? Because this is a Chinese wiener.... too short. Oscar Wilde said, "details are vulger." but ya so as the other 10 thousand videos on youporn; we love vulgarity. You can't  sum up a person's life in one paragraph or one page, unless its a tragic story of a still born. Even an under archiver has lots and lots of to say.
    Life by default(and in summation) is monotonous, we are part of a system which wants us to take a birth, learn, do things, reproduce, age and die. Unless you are Eminem or Rekha, coz these bastards don't age.

     I think, Sisyphus delineate life of those who dont have aimS in their life. We have to understand the importance of plurality here, coz its the substratum of the dustup. SASSYfus chose that life, coz all he cared about was 'to live'. Now living is something different than having a life. Most of the people like Sassyfus just subsist, with no purpose but to live. Break free, have a drink with the Zeus(society), get a pink slip from him by telling him that you have your own balls, won't lug his anymore.

   Btw, if you have read carefully, his boulder backchodi starts after his life was over(or meant to be over). So live your life till you have one, and care about the Sisyphus syndrome when your death arrives, which may be inferred as getting a job that you dont like, not being aware abt the book written by Vatsyayana and stuck with the missionary, or worse like not knowing you can switch hands(which btw gives different  feeling).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 Stages Of Jodhpuri Friendship

3 stages of Jodhpuri friendship -

1.Rahul Sa, padhaarjo sa.

2.Rahul, poog jaijo.

3.Rahuliye, aayo koni to dhunga tod du la. 

Then and Now

Childhood :

"mai gate kholunga"

 "nai mai gate kholunga" 

 Now :

"ja gate khol"

 "kyu tere hath me mehandi lagi hai kya"

Friend and Me

Friend : "Yaar aab kya bolu bassss tu samajh ja"

Me : "Samajh gaya"

Friend : "Kya samjha"

Me : "Bass mai samajh gaya"

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